• Gluten Free Solution

    Patient-held budget and with local suppliers Increasing Choice and Availability within a Managed Cost Envelope
    The diagnosed incidence of coeliac disease has increased dramatically over the last five years with better and easier tests promising continued case discovery. For these patients, access to gluten-free basic foodstuffs is essential for their well-being and to reduce the risk of expensive complications in the future. By easing access and creating a patient-held budget, they are empowered to maintain their diet whilst the commissioner is able to accurate manage their budget.

    Gluten Free

  • Outcomes4Health RealTime Commissioning

    Online Provider Audit and Communication for Commissioners Enhanced Service Monitoring and Quality
    A web based communications and data collection system that allows patient facing entry of service information and data. The ESMAQ system will collate entered data and generate tailor-made outputs relevant to each hosted service to inform commissioners regarding service progress and engagement. Output information for any hosted service is collected automatically as service providers engage with service users allowing real-time data monitoring.


  • Standardised LES Management

    Free online LES agreement development Service Level Agreement Template Editor Creating Service Level Agreements for Local Enhanced Services (SLAs for LES) is fraught with difficulties for commissioners with challenges about governance, fitness for purpose and longevity all providing time-consuming problems. Slate is an innovative, easy to use and above all free tool that brings together the best of breed from across the country and allows commissioners to construct contracts in minutes and then to receive them in their inbox moments later.


  • Contractual and Financial Management

    By holding the ring on a contract, Pinnacle reduce the burden of contracting on the commissioner and help improve the burden of bureacracy for the provider.


  • Evidence of Outcomes

    By providing all these tools and mechanisms, Pinnacle Health seeks the robust evidence that community pharmacy is providing beneficial outcomes.


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Kevin NobleWelcome to our website. A diverse range of support is available and we hope that you come to believe, as we do, that great things come from great partnerships.
Kevin Noble - Partner in Pinnacle Health Partnership LLP



Overwhelmingly, PCT project leads spoke positively of the power of the “Enhanced Services Monitoring and Quality” system (ESMAQ) to monitor, inform and motivate.
CiREM - Evaluation of Inhaler Technique Improvement Project


Busy Phones!

Well, first day of the gluten-free service and plenty to do. If only the phone would stop. Pam has been glued to it with three calls coming in whilst she is talking to one patient. We are used to dealing with users in a pharmacy setting but these are the public and all the more exciting for it.
Thankfully, we've had some really complimentary things said about the concept but the IT wasn't playing ball for a few hours. All sorted but nail-biting as this is the only project where we've had to outsource.

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